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13 March 2011 @ 07:53 pm
popping bottles in the ice ♢  
How I feel after I let my parents and brother know I have a pounding headache and could they please not shout, and they completely disregard me.

But, you know, it's cool, because it's Sunday night and I don't want to be the party pooper, so I retreat upstairs to lay down.

Then good old Mommy dearest comes up, appears in the doorway, and begins to rant about a wet towel on the floor that isn't mine and how I'm lazy and blah blah blah. And the headache is now pounding at the top of my skull. So now I'm back downstairs, listening to Jurassic Park music and brother Bobby and Daddy-doo talk at a level which is not necessary.


I made a bucket list with my two closest friends. I am so dead serious about accomplishing these things, I'm saving up money now in an envelope labeled The Bucket List $.

#7 on the list is to meet Gale Harold.

I am going to meet that man. And I am going to marry him.

I am dead serious.
san_takahashisan_takahashi on March 15th, 2011 12:25 am (UTC)
Well good luck with that wedding. Let me know how it goes. :)

I'll be honest. I'm not really sure who Gale Harold is.
Annenightingeek on March 15th, 2011 12:47 am (UTC)
bahahah it's okay. You're not the only one who has said that to me.

But, on a positive note, that means there's less competition for meee :D