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18 June 2012 @ 02:29 pm
here's the problem  
I want to go to college in New York City. I would literally sell a few of my organs if it meant I could go to NYU or Columbia. I would DIE for it. I'm putting it on my bucket list, for crying out loud.

But, honestly, it seems impossible to me. Your SAT scores need to be through the roof. And, sure, I have enough extracurriculars to buff up my application (I was voted to be Student Body President for my upcoming senior year which is keysmash worthy), but, I mean, I feel like it's just never going to be enough.

NYC is my dream city. I love the energy, the crowds, the diversity. I want to live in that and be a part of it. And unless my SATs break 2100, I just feel like it won't happen for me.

I want to make it happen so bad. So bad. And I'm going to do my best. I apply for colleges this fall, so I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.